The History of Omar Castro and Midnighthunder Powerboats
Midnighthunder Powerboats was developed from the skills, dreams and ambitions of a man who started power boats 15 years ago. Like so many boat builders, Omar Castro started his company after evaluating the market and coming to the conclusion that he could do it better. Midnighthunder has made a powerful mark in the world of sports fishing. We have made a critical transformation that is fiercely viable & downright intoxicating to the sports fisherman and island hopper.
Our evolutionary journey has brought us to a different place. "We are high on performance power boats with a distinct  emphasis on serious sport fishing." We use the most sophisticated materials to reach a high quality performance powerboat. Not only are the boats we built lighter, stronger and more durable, but also extremely fuel-efficient and faster. We are growing fast in the boat industry by providing quality service as if they were are own personal boats.  While maintaining the tradition of impecable quality and craftsmanship, we added another dimension to the MidnighThunder, the high-tech engines and custom built motor brackets that will accommodate 2 or 3 motors (which ever model the customer desires) that increases fuel efficiency while reducing or minimizing engine noise.  However, we  believe that horsepower and top-speed capabilities alone are not the sole tests of a boat's performance.  
Our deep-V hydrodynamic, efficent hulls slice evenly through swells providing low-end  acceleration and mid-range throttle resposne for a comfortable, stable and easy to handle ride at any speed or water condition.  The ultimate in fishing performance, the 38 open fish is custom-built for all day fishing with function and comfort in mind.  
The deep V hull with high gunnels provides an exceptionally smooth and dry ride that tracks perfectly in choppy waters.  A standard cuddy cabin can be customized to include all the amenities of home, including a closet, sink or space for electronic entertainment, making the 38 rise above any fishing or island hopping challenge.